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Technical and medical writers, copywriters

We’re always interested in meeting highly qualified, experienced freelance writers working in the marketing, technical or medical fields.

Most of our clients require copy in Dutch or English, but we also manage projects in other European languages.


We are looking for creative copywriters who can produce quality copy for brochures, websites, annual reports, etc. We serve an extremely diverse group of clients, ranging from advertising agencies to NGOs and from major corporations to public authorities. Their projects are equally diverse, providing an interesting challenge for any good writer.

Technical writers

We also need talented technical writers for the various technical writing projects commissioned by our clients and to advise them in this area. Most of these projects come from leading IT firms, government organisations and larger corporations and include online help systems, e-learning content, manuals and process and product descriptions.

Medical writers

Are you an experienced medical writer with a relevant professional background or medical qualification? If so, we would be very interested in working with you. Our companies regularly handle medical writing projects for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical devices and equipment, administrative bodies and advisory boards and a wide range of public and private research organisations.  Among other things, these projects involve the writing or rewriting of information leaflets in language that is easily understood by the patient, ICFs (Informed Consent Form), the updating of SPCs (Summary of Product Characteristics) based on new information and ensuring that patient information leaflets comply with new regulations.


You can register via our registration page.

Note: please dont forget to enclose references.