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The WCS Group currently comprises eight independent companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, whose operations are overseen by the Group’s holding company in Leiden.

The companies that make up the Group have all adopted exceptionally high standards with regard to quality control (almost all our communication companies are ISO-certified) and achieve operating results that are significantly higher than those of comparable companies in their respective markets. The WCS Group has international ambitions and a scope that extends far beyond the Benelux.

All the Group’s subsidiaries provide a comprehensive range of services. However, each company specialises in particular areas.

Business Translation Services B.V.

Full-service provider based in the heart of Rotterdam, with a strong focus on all aspects of business communication. Legal, insurance, banking, marine.

L&L Documentation & Translation B.V.

Focuses on production, consultancy and training in the multilingual technical documentation segment. ICT, marine, agricultural, aviation and aerospace technology.

Vertaalbureau Bothof B.V.

One of the oldest translation companies in the Netherlands, based in Nijmegen. Extensive experience in virtually every sector of business. Technical, legal, economic. (Only available in Dutch)

Wilkens B.V.

(Trading under the name Wilkens c.s. Vertalers, Tolken & Technical writers) The cradle of the current WCS Group. A leading player in the Benelux, with a particularly strong presence in the medical-pharmaceutical and legal sectors. (Only available in Dutch)

Wilkens c.s. Vertalers & Tolken

Wilkens B.V.’s sister company in Belgium. In its home market, this Ghent-based translation agency is a key partner at the highest level for national and European government agencies and private sector firms. (Only available in Dutch)

Wilkens Computer Systems (WCS) B.V.

Full-service provider of hardware and software products and systems and network management services. Works for both the Group and third party clients. (Only available in Dutch)

Wordhouse ATS B.V.

The Amsterdam-based Wordhouse is one of the first companies in the Netherlands to focus specifically on software localisation, as well as providing high quality commercial and press copywriting services.